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Compostable Food & Products at the GRB

The George R. Brown Convention center will continue to reach its goals in compostable foods and products recycling. We will continue to strive among the top centers while being environmentally friendly in our green initiatives. At the GRB we are moving toward a 100% of compostable recycling.

Annually, the George R. Brown Convention Center composts over 150 tons of products and food waste. Following each convention, our vendors donate reusable food and unopened food to charities in Houston. In 2016 the George Brown Convention Center donated over 154,500 pounds of food to local charities.

To continue with the Green Meeting Initiatives, we continue to use products, such as plates and bowls, made from sugar cane and 100% renewable resource. Other eco products that we use are commercially compostable forks, knives and spoons. These commercial compostable products are made from 100% U.S. grown corn. The use of compostable food, products and containers are turned back into soil in approximately 45 to 90 days, dramatically reducing the waste stream.

At the George R. Brown we are continually increasing our sustainable initiatives to maintain the highest standards for indoor environmental quality and operate the building as efficiently as possible. We are committed to making a concerted effort to do our part in helping the environment. Our sustainability programs will continue to advance and expand as we make further progress with our green initiatives.