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Sustainability at the GRB

The George R. Brown convention Center is among the top leading convention centers in sustainability. In 2016, the Sustainability Team continued to meet their goals in waste diversion. With the new renovations to the GRB, goals were exceeded in innovative ways in reducing waste, improving our air quality, energy reduction and charitable food donations.

We are proud to say that with our green efforts we were able to reduce our energy consumption by 40%. As part of our waste reduction, 41% of our waste was diverted away from the landfill; 177 tons of recycling and 251 tons of compostable materials. During our recent renovation, we worked closely with our vendors to reduce our construction waste. We removed over 800 tons of debris, due to the construction; 297 tons of recycled concrete and 321 tons of recycled steel. Over 600 tons of construction materials were diverted from the landfill.

As part of our charitable giving, the GRB donated over 171,509 pounds of food product to local charitable organizations. In keeping with our green standards, we worked hard to engage our employees, our visitors, and our show attendees on the importance of being sustainable when they visit the GRB.

The Sustainability Team will continue our mission on improving our environment by reducing our carbon footprint at the George R. Brown Convention Center.